5 Key Principles For A Balanced Body Look

These Principles are Timeless!

Did you know that light colors add fullness and volume?They make things appear larger.

And dark colors close an area in or take away fullness? 

They make things look smaller.

So just by using these two principles, can you visualize how to balance your shape? 

Also, you can use lines to create balance.

Most of know that vertical lines create a lengthening effect. They help us to look taller and more slender.

There are other ways that you can create a vertical line besides just wearing pinstripes! You can use a tie or scarf. How about where buttons are placed?

These are just a few ways that you can use vertical lines.

How about horizontal lines? They create width and fullness.

Imagine a belt. It creates a horizontal line that when used correctly can add width at the hips to a body shape that’s straight up and down and needs some curves.

Also, a ruffle on a top can add fullness to a body shape that has a smaller bust.

Then, there’s diagonal lines that help to break a shape up. 

Using these can create interest, distract the eye, and may create length or a slender look.

Use them as guidelines to create an overall Balanced Look from head to toe.

They work with everything, everywhere, all the time.

Achieve that look that helps you look beautiful and feel confident.

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