5 Key Principles For A Balanced Body Look

These Principles are Timeless! Did you know that light colors add fullness and volume?They make things appear larger. And dark colors close an area in or take away fullness?  They make things look smaller. So just by using these two principles, can you visualize how to balance your shape?  Also, you can use lines to […]

Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

Take a look at what you have in your closet…the clothes that you wear everyday. What are your favs? What are your “No, I hate the way I look in this!”? What clothes look too worn and need to be replaced. Colors! Spring/Summer colors are lighter, brighter. I want to challenge you to pick a […]

And…The Eyebrows Have It!

What do our eyebrows do for our look? They help our eyes to stand out. They also frame our face and complete our look. Check out the video, as I give a few tips on eyebrows.

Beauty-Mindset…How Do You Perceive Yourself?

Beauty, I believe is from head to toe and inside and out. That’s why I named my company StyleADIO, Above, Down,Inside, Out.  In this video I share some insights from personal experience of being in the beauty industry. I also recommend a podcast that I believe can help everyone.

Who’s Behind StyleADIO?

There really is a person named Cathe Holley at StyleADIO. It’s me 🙂 Get to know a bit about me here.

Tips for Looking Fabulous!

Are you wanting to look fabulous? It’s more than just the clothes you wear. Check out this easy tip that you need to keep in mind!!